About the Camp

The HRBOA Basketball Officials Camp is a teaching camp geared totally toward our officials who want to improve their skills and become better officials. NFHS 3-person mechanics are taught and utilized at the camp. The camp is staffed by NCAA and VHSL officials, many of whom have experience at the VHSL State Tournament and Collegiate Tournament levels. Guest speakers will include highly successful NCAA officials; the HRBOA Commissioners will be in attendance.

This is an excellent camp for HRBOA officials who want to improve or refresh his/her officiating skills, but is especially good for individuals who:

  • Have completed one - ten plus years of high school officiating and would like to begin refining their skills.
  • Have completed three or more years of high school officiating but feel "stuck" in the advancement process.
  • Have financial limitations or professional obligations that make other camps cost or time prohibitive.

                                                                   Camp Details
                                                   Location:  Virginia Wesleyan Center
                                                           Batten Center Gymnasium
                                                           1584 Wesleyan Drive
                                                           Norfolk, VA 23502

The Camp is FREE to HRBOA members in good standing!!! 

Complete Online registration below to receive Camp Package and other information.

Camp shirt for all Campers.                                                                          Uniform
Critiqued take home video of games worked                                                Black and White Board Shirt
Games at the air-conditioned Batten Center Gymnasium.                            Shorts – Solid Black
***Lunch & Hospitality night sponsored by the HRBOA***                     Shoes – Black; Whistle & Lanyard

Camp Schedule

                                                              Thursday, July 25, 2019 - Camp Begins!

                                                              Registration:  5:00pm - 6:30pm

                                                              Classroom:  6:31pm - 8:00pm

                                                              Friday, July 26th
                                                              LATE Registration begins: 9:00am

                                                              All Camp Officials Report 9:00am
                                                              Lunch Provided

                                                              Classroom Session: 9:00am - 12:00pm
                                                              Games Begin: 12:00pm

                                                              Saturday, July 27th
                                                             All Camp Officials Report, 7:00am

                                                             Camp Photo 7:15am

                                                             Classroom Session, 7:30am
                                                              Lunch provided

                                                          Assignments - Officiate games
                                                             Games begin at TBD
***Hospitality Night***

                                                            Sunday, July 28th

                                                            All Camp Officials Report, 7:30am

                                                            Classroom Session, 7:31am
                                                            Get assignments - Officiate games
                                                            Camp Completion Certificates
Camp Awards for “Most Improved” and “Best Camper”

                                                     Campers Select "Best Staff Member"
Camp Staff shall determine who will officiate the Quarterfinals, Semi-Finals and Championship games.  All Campers are encouraged to stay for these games.

                                                             Registration Form

ACC Supervisor of Officials Brian Kersey




“Camp - Because it Matters”

Where Training Meets Personal Integrity

By submission of this Registration Form, you hereby authorize the staff of the Hampton Roads Basketball Officials Association Officials Camp to act for me to their best judgment in any emergency requiring attention, and hereby waive and release the camp from any and all liability for any injuries or illness incurred while at camp. I have no knowledge of any physical impairment that would be affected by my participation in the camp program. I also understand the camp retains the right to use for publicity and advertising purposes photographs of officials taken at camp.

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                        Having Fun - Working Hard - Building Relationships

                                                         Getting Better

MEAC Supervisor of Officials Larry Rose